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Advanced conferencing based on SfB

Pangea Collaborate, an enhanced standalone, ready to use web, video and voice conferencing system based on Skype for Business. It offeres an innovative way to manage and control conference meetings, from reminding and dialing out to late comers to agenda tracking and collaborative notes taking. It does NOT require Skype for Business or any other preinstalled software on end users machines and requires only minimal number of CALs, NOT based on the number of employees in the company. Based on Virtual Machines running on top of Hyper-V, Pangea Collaborate is fully featured conferencing solution based on Skype for Business Server, including all major servers required, preconfigured and preinstalled. Together with simple web based management and monitoring tools coupled with built in SBC and optional telephony gateway, deploying modern, all in one conference system has never been easier.

  • Web, video & voice conferencing based on SfB
  • Plug and Play. Works regardless of other communication systems used inside and outside the organization
  • Works with SfB PC/Mac web client, Android, iOS, Windows Phone Apps
  • Live Conference Management: Agenda Tracker™, dial out, remind late comers, mutual edited meeting notes, lock conference
  • Minimal SfB CAL - Free for participants, pay per host only
  • Full Skype for Business experience
  • Voice, video, web, desktop share, chat during call, more
  • Advanced conference management features
  • Ease of use for organizers and guests alike
  • No client installation and no need for individual licenses