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Customers are betting on Microsoft for voice
The UCaaS market is rapidly growing1. Legacy PBX end of life, business expansion, telecom & conferencing savings drive customers to look for modern voice solutions, in which Microsoft’s Skype for Business (SfB) is a key player2.

Legacy PBX to Skype for Business Voice (SfB) sales challenges

While Microsoft SfB online continues to gain market momentum and market share, it’s telephony capabilities lag behind many competing offers3.

In addition, the limited ability to discover on the presale stage the customer’s features usage to understand the parity with SfB, gives an advantage to competitors who pitch that moving to SfB means significant loss of functionality.

Winning the legacy PBX migration project

Univonix Compete delivers a discovery analysis report to help system integrators and service providers gain competitive advantage in the presale stage and win the deal.

The report includes legacy PBX mapping of system, devices, features and parity with SfB, to help obviate competition’s ‘loss of functionalities’ pitch as well as accurately assess project timelines.

Legacy PBX
Export legacy PBX configuration
Feature Mapping
Map PBX features parity with SfB
Project Timeline
Estimate timelines and workloads based on data
Competitive Advantage
Use key insight to strengthen relationship with the customer
The Project
  • A structured methodology to help win legacy PBX to Skype for Business Voice Migration Projects
  • Web based SaaS platform – no need for any on premise installation
  • Includes discovery analysis report with features mapping & parity with SfB to gain key insights into customer’s usage and needs
  • Accurately assess the project timelines & workloads based on data and not on assumptions
  • Maximize revenue opportunity with the devices & features parity mapping

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