Univonix Go
Skype for Business in a Box

Univonix Go is a ‘Skype for Business in a box’ solution with all the required software components preinstalled, as well as the connectors and interface hook up with existing telephony services companies already have and use. Based on Virtual Machines running on top of Hyper-V, Univonix Go is fully featured SfB solution including

  • Presence & Chat
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Collaboration
  • SfB mobile

  • Univonix Go includes all major servers of the system, such as Domain Controller (DC), Front End, Edge Server, Reverse Proxy and Office Web Apps. Together with simple web based configuration and monitoring tools, deploying Lync/S4B was never easier.

    • Preinstalled appliance - get a up and running SfB solution in a 30 minutes
    • No need to alter the corporate Active Directory schema
    • Virtual appliance - need only one physical machine
    • Multilingual User Interface by design
    • Skype for Business in a Box
    • All of Skype for Business features
    • Easy user management & monitoring
    • Active Directory integration without touching organization schema
    • Easy integration with O365
    Free 1:1 Consultation