Univonix Migrate
Legacy PBX to Skype for Business Voice Migration Made Easy

Customers are betting on Microsoft for voice
The UCaaS market is rapidly growing1. Legacy PBX end of life, business expansion, telecom & conference savings drive customers to look for modern voice solutions, in which Microsoft’s Skype for Business (SfB) is a key player2.

Legacy PBX migrations challenges
Telephony is a critical system in every business and thus customers expect a seamless migration, with no downtime, disruptions or loss of functionalities. System Integrators uses various methods to deliver customer’s expectations, however, every migration project carries risk & complexity.

Overcoming the challenges of Legacy PBX migration projects
Univonix Migrate helps system integrators and service providers to minimize time, cost, risk and complexity associated with telephony migration projects using process automation & intuitive UIs.

A typical legacy PBX to SfB voice project with Univonix Migrate is structured to deliver 10X faster deployment and high accuracy of data to ease adoption, increase customer satisfaction & ROI:

Legacy PBX & AD
Export legacy PBX configuration and SfB active directory users
Feature Mapping
Map PBX features with SfB, initial users match with AD, report to Excel
Complete Data
Complete missing data & partial data, bulk administrate policies
Settings & Config
Get customer approval, select groups / users for phased migrations
New Config
Generate & load SfB, voice mail & legacy PBX configuration
  • Reduce approx. 50% of the cost per user migration
  • 10X faster deployment, minimizing time, cost, risk and complexity
  • Web based SaaS platform – no need for any on-premise installation
  • Legacy PBX users & system discovery & export
  • Automatically load new configuration to Skype for Business with the full users feature set
  • Configure Legacy PBX for Side-by-Side Environment and phased migrations
  • Intuitive UIs reduce the need for costly and hard to find experts
  • High accuracy of data reduces post installation support
  • Increase customer satisfaction and project ROI

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