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Univonix SaaS enables full visibility to your legacy PBX data
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Significantly reduce legacy PBX migration risk, time & cost
Old Switching System
Execute automated migration remotely for all users and sites
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Experience a seamless way to Asses, Plan and Migrate your Telephony to cloud PBX

An automated self-service tool, analyzing and mapping call flows, devices, call groups and more from existing PBX.

Univonix PBX Analyzer helps to:

  • Save time and money in investigating the current Call Center & IVR call flows
  • Preserve the investment made in the design of the CC & IVR call flows and announcements
  • Reduce migration scoping risk


Automated Report mapping organizations legacy PBX’s allowing full visibility to the PBX Configuration, Aggregated inventory, Feature Parity and more…

Univonix PBX Assessment helps to:

  • Have Meaningful and accurate discussion of potential migration to Cloud PBX
  • Analyze Feature parity
  • Full visibility to Devices Inventory


A detailed work plan based on specific Target cloud PBX, that incapsulates User Profiles detailed migration path per user, per line and more…

Univonix Planner helps to:

  • Build a detailed migration work plan
  • Assess Detailed feature parity to Cloud PBX.
  • Eliminate migration “unknowns”


Deliver Fast reliable and cost-effective migration from legacy PBX to Cloud PBX.

Univonix Migrate helps to:

  • Automate Migration process – reduce cost and time
  • Increase accuracy and avoid human errors
  • Decrease implementation and support efforts.